Travel medicine services, Immunizations & Injections

Our travel consultation program consists of an assessment of your past and present health, immunization history, medications you are currently on as well as a detailed workup of what you need for medications and vaccines for your trip and other valuable information about the country you are visiting. We have several Pharmacists with additional prescribing authority (A.P.A) who can when appropriate initiate and prescribe the therapy you require. We also have several injection certified pharmacists on staff that can administer injectable medications, vaccines, and flu shots. You will also be able to receive a detailed report about your trip and the medications required, precautions to take and interesting information about the destinations you are going to.

The following rates apply for our travel consultation services:

  • Individual Travel Consultation: $80
  • Couple: $130
  • Family of no more than 4: $180

Limited consultation:

  • Individual: $60
  • Couple: $95
  • Family of more than 4: $120

Call Shamrock Pharmacy in our Downtown location to find out more about our Travel Medicine Program.

Administering injectable medication & vaccines by Pharmacists

We have several Pharmacists that are certified to administer Injections onsite at our Downtown Pharmacy located in the Co-op Grocery store – Shamrock Pharmacy. Our Certified Injection Pharmacists can administer subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. Examples of injections we commonly provide are Flu Vaccinations, Zostavax injections to prevent shingles and many other injections related to Travel.