Prescriptions and Prescribing Services

Our Pharmacies fill all types of prescription medications for many different ailments and medical conditions. Pharmacists are available to answer your questions about your medication, provide advice and counseling on the proper use and possible side-effects of the medication and decide whether or not there may be an issue that requires clarification with the prescribing Health care professional. In some instances our Pharmacists will adapt the prescription when the dose needs adjustment based on the patients’ Health status. Our Pharmacists will also emergency prescribe medication in certain situations when a patient presents with an urgent need (i.e. Inhaler for Asthma attack).

Our Pharmacists offer Medication reviews at no charge to the patient. These reviews will help to ensure you understand what each of your medications is for, any possible side effects or precautions that need to be taken as well as objectives and a plan to resolve any issues that may be uncovered during the review.

Several of our Pharmacists on staff at our Pharmacies also have Additional Prescribing Authority ( A.P.A. ) which allows those Pharmacists in certain situations to assess a patient and initial access prescribe a medication if required, manage therapy and adjust dosing. Our care is designed to put the Health care needs of the patient at the forefront all the while keeping in mind that collaborating with other members of the patient’s Health care team to achieve positive health outcomes is most ideal.