Shamrock Pharmacy

  • Prescriptions (All major drug plans accepted)
  • Over the counter medications and remedies (i.e. cough & cold, upset stomach, pain relief and allergies)
  • Vitamins & Herbal remedies
  • Specialty Compounding of medications (i.e. Hormone creams, Pain creams, Dental compounds, Veterinary compounds and suspensions for children)
  • Travel Medicine Services (Assessment & prescribing services)
  • Injections and Immunizations (Injections administered by our injection certified Pharmacists)
  • Customized Medication Packaging to Help Patients remember when to take their medication so the right medication is taken at the correct time of day.
  • Athletic Supports & Braces.
  • Compression Stockings
  • Breast Pump Rentals & Purchasing.
  • Pharmacists with Additional Prescribing Authority available to assess a wide array of Health care needs.
  • Personalized Medication reviews
  • Health & Wellness Days
  • Flu Immunization program

Pharmacare Pharmacy #7

  • Specialty Medication Packaging for Nursing Homes, Daily Supportive Living Facilities, Group Homes and Lodges.
  • Sterile compounding (Intravenous, S.C. & I.M. medications)
  • Specialty compounding for various settings, patients and other Pharmacies.
  • Pharmacy Palliative care services
  • 24/7 Emergency on call service for Health Care professionals.  Staffed by Registered Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.
  • Regular Family care conferences with patients and Pharmacists along with other members of the Health care Team.
  • Regular Medication reviews for all patients.
  • The most advanced medication compliance packaging technology in the Industry.
  • Home visits by registered Pharmacists.
  • Facility staff training provided on various Medication Assistance Programs designed and customized to the needs of the Facility or group home.
  • Customized Medication Administration Records and/or Treatment Administration Records for various Facility or group home needs.
  • Patient Education days.
  • Extensive experience in seamless Transitioning of small to large facilities or group homes from other Pharmacy providers to Pharmacare Pharmacy #7.