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Frequently Asked Questions

What is compounding?

Compounding is a method of preparing a medication to meet the unique needs of a patient.

Why do patients need compounded medication?

Sometimes the health needs of a patient cannot be met by a manufactured product. For example: if a patient is allergic to dyes or fillers, or if a desired strength cannot be achieved by using a manufactured product. Or if a pill cannot be swallowed and a liquid is not available.

What forms of compounded medication are available?

Capsules, topical preparations (cream, ointment, lotions, foams, lip balms), suppositories, suspensions, lollipops, lozenges, powdered preparations, and eye and ear drops.

Who needs compounded medication?

Babies and children who need medication in very small doses, children who might need something more palatable or are unable to swallow pills, people who have allergies to dyes, fillers, gluten, patients who need a medication that has been discontinued, pets who need a medication that is not readily available.

Will my insurance cover compounded medication?

Most third party plans will pay for compounded medications. However we are unable to bill them electronically. We recommend that all our patients submit their claims manually.

I am leaving on a Trip to another Country and I am wondering about what Medication and/or Immunizations I may need?

Shamrock Pharmacy in the CO-OP grocery store offers Travel Medicine Services where you can be assessed for your needs and receive the required medications and immunizations / shots onsite.  See our services and associated prices on the Home page under Travel Medicine Services.

Do you provide Flu Immunizations and other Injections?

Shamrock Pharmacy in the CO-OP grocery store location has injection certified Pharmacists that can administer Flu Immunizations and many other prescription injections. Call the Pharmacy at 780-532-2652 for more details.

Do you rent Breast pumps?

Shamrock Pharmacy in the CO-OP grocery store location does rent breast pumps. Call the Pharmacy at 780-532-2652 for more information.

Do you sell Breast pumps?

Shamrock Pharmacy in the CO-OP grocery store location does sell Breast pumps.  Call the Pharmacy at 780-532-2652 for more information.

Do you accept Direct Bill Drug Insurance cards?

Both of our Pharmacies accept all major forms of direct bill drug cards.

Can Pharmacists prescribe medication?

Yes. Alberta Pharmacists can prescribe certain medications in various situations.  Alberta Pharmacists with Additional Prescribing Authority have an additional range of authority to initiate, manage and change prescription medication therapy for patients within their scope of practice. Shamrock Pharmacy has several Pharmacists with Additional prescribing Authority on staff. Call Shamrock Pharmacy in the CO-OP Grocery store for more information 780-532-2652.

Do you provide medication reminder assistance for patients that have trouble remembering or keeping their medication organized?

Yes. Both Pharmacare Pharmacy #7 and Shamrock Pharmacy have multiple different systems to help you or a loved one stay organized and receive the right medication at the right time.  Our Pharmacies use the most advanced Technology available within the Pharmacy Industry to package your medication accurately and safely.

Do you sell Alternative Health products as well as Vitamins and minerals?

Yes. Shamrock Pharmacy located in the CO-OP grocery store located in the City Centre carries many different Herbal remedies, Vitamins and minerals. Feel free to call us at 780-532-2652 with any questions you may have.

Do your Pharmacies handle Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) claims?

Yes. Please call the Pharmacy you are dealing with for more details.